THE GEOSCHOL INITIATIVE: Geology for schools in Ireland

This project was funded as part of the Griffith Geoscience Research Awards by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

GEOSCHOL is a group comprising:
- Patrick Wyse Jackson and Ian Sanders (Department of Geology, Trinity College Dublin),
- Adam Stuart Smith (now at Thinktank, Birmingham),
- Matthew Parkes and Nigel Monaghan (National Museum of Ireland, Dublin)
- Peter Crowther, Mike Simms and Kenneth James (Ulster Museum, Belfast)
- Sarah Gatley (Geological Survey of Ireland)

GEOSCHOL produced the following range of products, all available for download from the Geoschol website ( as well as distributed to schools:
  • Classroom posters (distributed to 4,177 primary schools - Sept 2009)
    • Where does it come from?
    • Planet Earth building stones of Ireland,
    • How tall are you?
  •  An black and white A4 activity book (distributed to 4,177 primary schools - Sept 2009), downloadable as a .pdf, consisting of 25 pages of activities and ideal for colouring by primary level children.
  • County geology leaflets are also available as PDF documents, ideal to get an overview of the geology of each county, in colour and A4 format.

Rock Sets consisting of Basalt, Granite, Schist, Sandstone, Mudstone, Limestone and an explanatory booklet were also distributed to 4,000 schools in 2007.
For further details, please contact Dr Patrick Wyse Jackson