IGH15 - Economic Geology Theme
Geology is not just an academic study of the earth, but principally a practical subject, whereby theoretical understanding of processes and events in the record of the rocks are translated into discovery, exploitation and use of geological resources. This geological foundation of resources to support cultural and economic development is equally worthy of assessment for the purposes of identifying and protecting key sites of value in the spectrum of geological heritage. Metallic mine sites are perhaps the largest group but numerous non metallic minerals, building stone, and specialised deposits are all in need of appraisal in this IGH theme.

The aim of the programme in this regard is not to sterilise future exploitation of mineral deposits, but to identify sites which best demonstrate the history and development of mining and quarrying of geological materials in Ireland, and also the range of deposit types related to the processes which created them. NHA designation will not mean a block on all future exploration, since changing economic factors can make a known deposit of mineral viable to mine or quarry when once it was considered uneconomic.

Historic mine sites and their buildings, engine houses and processing works are part of this economic geology heritage and hopefully the best remaining examples will receive appropriate conservation and protection as a result of the IGH15 panel work.

Information of interest on works carried out at Avoca Mines and hosted on our Department website:

Avoca Mines Technical Reports: http://www.dccae.ie/natural-resources/en-ie/Minerals-Exploration-Mining/Pages/Avoca-Mines-Technical-Reports.aspx#

Avoca Mines Rehabilitation:  http://www.dccae.ie/natural-resources/en-ie/Minerals-Exploration-Mining/Pages/Avoca-Mines-Rehabilitation-.aspx