Mining Heritage

Another area of importance in which GSI takes a strong interest is that of mining heritage. The Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland (MHTI) has supported or led many community ventures to conserve, protect, interpret and promote local mining heritage throughout the country (such as at Allihies Man Engine House, Co. Cork, pictured below or the Copper Coast, Co. Waterford).

Identification of key mining heritage assets in the county should be a priority action in a county's Heritage Plan. The MHTI would be a key partner in such efforts, especially if funding could be made available to undertake inventory and survey work. MHTI can be contacted through or through the IGH Programme of the GSI. Supporting locally driven efforts to offer sustainable tourism or alternative farm enterprises related to mine heritage could be an easily deliverable action.

If the county has very little mining heritage, whatever there is should be encompassed within a general inventory of industrial heritage.

GSI Minerals Programme hosts a Mine Records Database.