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Project Type - Quarries
Quarrying provides a unique window on our bedrock, otherwise not accessible. Therefore a certain number of quarries (either for crushed rocks, dimension stone or sand and gravel) are listed as geological sites by the IGH programme.For that reason, the Geological Survey of Ireland has long enjoyed a ...
Geological Heritage
For any project type, when carrying out the EIA, please consult with the Heritage and Planning Programme of the Geological Survey of Ireland to assess the presence of geological heritage site(s) in the vicinity of the proposed development.Datasets are now available online as shapefiles on GSI online...
Soils and Geology
For information on Geology to assess during the EIA and include in the EIS:- a geologist or a scientist with a geological background should be on the team preparing the EIA and subsequent statement to ensure an adequate understanding of the geological data and their relevance to the project.- the In...
Project Type - Roads
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Project Type - Windfarms
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