The audit of County Geological Sites in Co. Offaly was completed in 2016. The audit was carried out by Ronan Hennessy, Robert Meehan, Matthew Parkes, Vincent Gallagher and Sarah Gatley. The Offaly Geological Heritage Project was supported by the Heritage Council, the Geological Survey Ireland and the Offaly County Council. The resulting report was an action of the County Offaly Heritage Plan 2012 - 2016. The report can be downloaded below:

Main Report and Appendices (107.7 Mb)

Site Reports (26.4 Mb)

Individual Site Reports
- Ballyduff Esker
- Ballylin Mushroom Rock
- Ballynagarbry (Mount Temple) Esker
- Camcor Forest Quarry
- Clara Bog
- Clonbulloge Spring
- Clonkeen Mushroom Rock
- Clonmacnoise Esker
- Clorhane Mushroom Rocks
- Clorhane Quarries
Crancreagh Mushroom Rock
- Creevagh Mushroom Rocks
- Crinkill Mushroom Rocks
- Croghan Hill
- Derrinlough Mushroom Rock
- Drinagh Mushroom Rock
- Endrim Mushroom Rock
- Kilcormac Esker
- Kinnitty Eskers
- Little Brosna-Shannon Confluence
- Lough Boora Parklands
- Marlow's Hole
- Mongan Bog
- Mount Briscoe Cave
- Screggan Fan
- Sillogue Spring
- Silver River
- Toberdaly

GIS, shapefiles
- OY_ITM_Zip_File (155 Kb)

Recommended citation:
Hennessy, R., Meehan, R., Parkes, M., Gallagher, V. and Gatley, S. 2016. The Geological Heritage of Offaly County. An audit of County Geological Sites in County Offaly. Geological Survey Ireland. Unpublished Report.