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The GSI Groundwater Newsletter deals with issues concerning groundwater protection and management in Ireland. Among items discussed across issues are:

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No.55 May 2017

Potential impacts of fracking on water resources in two case study areas

ISSN 2009-8324

Overview of the WFD Draft River Basin Management Plan 2018-2021
Water tracing in the Carran depression and River Fergus valley, Burren, Co.Clare
Karst from the skies
Waterbourne pathogens and disease: Protozoa
Out of sight, out of mind? Groundwater as a source and pathway of antibiotic-resistant infection in the Republic of Ireland
Investigation of nitrate in two group water schemes - ECHN article

No.54 Dec 2016

Memories of Groundwater Use and Development in Ireland, from 1950 to 1976

ISSN 2009-8324

A few words on the contribution to Irish hydrogeology of Eugene Daly (1947-2014)
The origins of the IAH Irish Group’s annual conference
Managing OSWTS for drinking water protection
The Local Authority Waters and Communities Office—An Introduction
Hydrogeology in the Future – The next 40 years if IAH Ireland
Groundwater source protection terminology used in Ireland
New collaborative project on groundwater flooding commenced by the Geological Survey and University of Dublin Trinity College
The influence of bedrock hydrogeology on catchment-scale nitrate fate and transport in fractured aquifers

An investigation of thermal springs in Ireland: their provenance, pathways and geothermal potential

Environmental Flow Assessment for Irish Rivers
No.53 March 2016 GSI’s priority groundwater mapping areas

ISSN 2009-8324
Groundwater flooding in the Gort lowlands
Groundwater / surface water interactions - are our assumptions right?
Localising & assessing groundwater discharge to lakes using natural environmental tracers
Getting the pathogens out of groundwater - how, why and where
Groundwater pathogens and disease: viruses
Private wells, groundwater vulnerability and public health
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No.52 July 2015 Amendments of the EU Groundwater Directive
ISSN 2009-8324 WFD Implementation and Integrated Catchment Management
Irish Groundwater Protection
National Inspection Plan for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems
Preliminary Source Protection for Group Water Schemes
Tellus: airborne geophysics and geochemistry surveying nationwide
The use of nitrate isotopes
Analysis of pumping test data using diagnostic plots
Peatland Restoration
The challenge of preventing sea water intrusion
No.51 Oct 2013 Integrated catchment management
ISSN 2009-8316 Water-borne diseases: bacteria
Impact of point sources in a river
National inspection plan for DWWTSs
Microbrial contamination in a gw fed river (Nuenna)
GW flooding
Ecosystem services
Fracture systems controlling gw flow
Flow in poorly productive aquifers
New IGI EIS Guidelines
IAH Karst field workshop report
GWS ZOC project
No.50 July 2012 GSI GW Section 50 issues on...
Future of water/GW A personal view
Future of GW: USA
Lessons from Aus
GW management: luxury or priority?
Progression in GW; a LA perspective
Challenges in karst

EPA monitoring network review

Mícheál MacCárthaigh
Tellus Border data
Hydraulic fracturing
No. 49 July 2011

Integrated Constructed Wetlands

Clara bog; GW dependent ecosystem

Conservation status of turloughs

Hydrology of turloughs

Turlough conduits using geophysics

High ammonia at Lough Owel

What's new in hydrogeology?

Aquifer parameters database

WFD implementation reports out

GW quality in Ireland 2007-2009

Nutrient status in water bodies

No. 48 Nov 2010 Groundwater Animals
Vulnerability Mapping Project
Landspreading Buffer Zones
Relative impacts of N and P
Conceptual Model of Lowland Karst
Groundwater - lake interactions
The Pathways Project
Low productivity aquifers
Groundwater hand pumps
QA in sampling and analysis
Assessing pollution trends
IAH annual field trip report
Aquifer parameters project
No. 47 Dec 2009 EPA's Code of Practice OSWWTs
Causes of Pollution of Groundwater
Ireland's Group Water Schemes
Coastal Groundwater
National Source Protection Project
Groundwater Monitoring
No. 46 April 2007 Groundwater Maps Online
Water Framework Directive:
Groundwater Related Outputs
Monitoring Groundwater- A New Begininning
Natural Background Levels
Book Review:‘Water Wells and Boreholes’
Karst Springs Survey
Drumlin Permeability
On-Site Wastewater Treatment Research – Recent Results
Private Wells –Health Risks
Groundwater Related Research
No. 45 August 2005 Study of Nitrate Leaching from Tillage Land
Role of Water Table in Site Suitability Assessments for On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems
Karst Drip Water Study – Implications for Groundwater Vulnerability
Northern Ireland Groundwater Monitoring Detects Tsunami Earthquake
Earthquakes & Groundwater Level Records in Ireland
Groundwater and Water Supply in Palestine
Cork City’s First Waterworks Redeveloped
No. 44 January 2005 Putting Geoscientific Information and Maps at the Core of Land Use Decision-making
Septic Tank Systems: Products to Assist Performance & Management
New Statutory Instrument on Bottled Water Quality
Uranium & Groundwater
Transboundary Groundwater Law –Middle East Context
Geothermal Resource Map of Ireland
Geothermal Heating of County Council Offices, Tullamore
New M.Sc. in Hydrogeology at Leeds University
No. 43 October 2004 Lewis Clark – An Appreciation
Groundwater Maps Now Online
Septic Tanks
Groundwater Vulnerability – Does the unsaturated zone have an influence?
Environmental Liability Directive 2004
Contaminated Land - Implications of recent European Court of Justice Judgement
IAH Prague 2003 Conference Report
No. 42 December 2003 Cryptospiridium in a public water supply:
Local authority, Health Board and hydrogeological perspectives
The Walkerton pollution Incident
EPA licensing of contaminated land remediation
Acidising boreholes
Mapping karst features using microgravity
No. 41 December 2002 Density of On-site Systems Houses in Unsewered Areas
Bypass Flow in Soils and Subsoils
Climate Change in Ireland
Research on Groundwater
GSA Denver
No. 40 May 2002 Water & Sanitation in Honduras
EU Water Framework Directive
Microgravity in Karst Areas
Water Tracing
A Dispersion Model for Karstic Aquifers
Water Well Drilling in a Locally Important Aquifer
Soil Vapour Surveying
Tips on Pumping Tests
No. 39 October 2001 On-site wastewater systems for single houses
Key issues for groundwater in the 21st century
New Directory of Active Quarries, Pits and Mines
Recent Publications on the Karst of Ireland
Karst and Wildlife
Conor MacDermot – An Appreciation
No. 38 December 2000 Number Games with Recharge
Stormwater Discharge to Groundwater
Cryptospiridiosis Outbreak in Northern Ireland
Practical Approaches to Preventing Pollution of Wells
Pollawaddy Cave, Co. Roscommon
Gypsum Karst
A Discussion of Sustainable Sewage
Radon Levels in St Petersburg Region
Book on Celtic Hydrogeology
No. 37 July 2000 Bugs in Boreholes
Monitored Natural Attenuation
Impacts of Urban Groundwater on Surface Water in Birmingham
Nutrient Removal from Wastewaters
The Quality of Groundwater in Ireland
Ireland’s Environment: A Millenium Report
Sherkin Island Conference Proceedings
Farewell to John Dunne
No. 36 December 1999 Institute of Geologists of Ireland
The GSI Karst Features
Gypsum Karst
Maximising the Probability of Drilling a Successful Well
The Future of Global Water Resources
GSI Web Page
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
No. 35 May 1999 “Groundwater Protection Schemes”
“Groundwater Protection Responses for Landfills”
“Groundwater Protection Responses to the Landspreading of Organic Wastes”
Waste Licensing – Background and Requirements
Forest Soils Classification
Groundwater Recharge
Spring Waters
Corrosion Prevention
How many Wells are there in Ireland?
No. 34 December 1998 Phosphorus in Irish Aquifers
A Rapid Method of Shallow Profiling for Site Investigations
Categorising of Limestones for Development and Protection Purposes
Analysing Pumping Test Data by the Logan Method
New Projects
IAH Congress in Las Vegas
Irish Geological Heritage Theme 1 – Karst
No. 33 May 1998 Transmissivities of Aquifers in Ireland
International Groundwater Standards
Assessing Groundwater Analyses – Some Useful Tips
Use of Structural Geology, Fracture Analysis and Stochastic Flow Modelling
Phosphorus in Irish Aquifers
Groundwater Vulnerability Research
Geothermal Association of Ireland
Cross -border
Co-operation in Geosciences
No. 32 November 1997 Cryptosporidium
E. coli 0157
The Burdon Library
Where Dilution is Not the Solution to Point Source Pollution!
Testing the GSI Groundwater Vulnerability Ratings
QSC Graphs – A Tool to Assist in Aquifer Classification
IAH Technical Discussion Meetings
No. 31 May 1997 National Survey on Low Temperature Geothermal Energy
Seminar on the Uses of Low Temperature Geothermal Energy
Epikarst : A ‘New’ Concept in Irish Hydrogeology
Groundwater Protection in Glen Swilly
EIAs – An Evaluation of the Groundwater Input
Hydrogeological Research in Irish Universities
Are Consulting and Good Science Compatible?
GSI maps
No. 30 november 1996 Groundwater development successes in 1996
A new model for expedited cleanup
The disappearance of Lough Funshinagh
The role of geophysics in groundwater development
An international E-mail group
The importance of groundwater databases
No. 29 July 1996 Risk And Risk Management - A Framework For Groundwater Protection Schemes
A review of wastewater treatment in unsewered areas
Book review
Wellhead protection in Iowa
Development of groundwater in coastal areas
Gaining sustainable water sources by listening and letting go
Irish speleology
No. 28 December 1995 The location of landfills on regionally important aquifers
GSI 150th anniversary environmental geology symposium
Hydrogeology of the Isle of Man
Working group on karst
Upcoming conference on weather and agriculture
High iron levels in groundwater
No. 27 June 1995 Well construction standards
Protecting domestic boreholes
Geological faults And Groundwater ovement
Irish and British hydrogeology compared
Septic tank effluent
Packaged domestic effluent treatment plants
Solution rates in limestone
Mining in Karst areas in Hungary
Magnetic profiling
No. 26 January 1995 Nitrogen usage and recovery
Silage effluent and groundwater
Landfill design and practice
LUST cleanups
Acid mine drainage at Avoca
Groundwater in Nore river basin and south Wexford
Magnetometer profiling
The David Burdon papers
Septic tank conference
A return from oman
No. 25 July 1994 Guidelines On Aquifer Definition
Groundwater Quality Monitoring
Heavy Metals in Water
Magnetometer Profiling
Water balance Studies
Groundwater Vulnerability Guidelines and Definitions
Irish bottled water
Hardness Inhibitors
No. 24 January 1994 Groundwater Protection Schemes
Hydrogeology of Northern Ireland
Well Design and construction guidelines
Groundwater development in Noth Cork
Reunion Island
Magnetometer profiling
Drilling News
No. 23 July 1993 Dolomite Aquifer of the Southeast
Bottled Water Standard
Groundwater in North Cork
Numerical Modelling
VLF and Groundwater
Slurry Spreading and Groundwater
Coal Gasification Sites
Septic Tank Systems
No. 22 February 1993 Groundwater Abstraction in County Wexford
Site Selection,Development and Operation of Landfills
Flooding in Gort Area: Causes and Means of Alleviation
Chemical Analysis of Water: Uses and Absuses
Water Tracing
Drilling Techniques
Groundwater Protection Scheme for County Limerick
Cost 65
No. 21 September 1992 Landfill Sites
Toxic Wastes
The need for pumping tests
Hardness Inhibitors
Groundwater in Wisconsin
Irish and EC Water and Waste Legislation
New Publications
Stride Projects
No. 20 March 1992 Landfill Sites
Toxic Wastes
Local Groundwater Quality
Sheep Dips and Pollution
Hydraulic Conductivity of Irish Soils
Cone Penetration testing
Groundwater levels
No. 19 August 1991 Environmental Engineering
Environmental Geology
Agriculture and EIA's
Landfills and EIA's
iron and manganese
Toxic Wastes
On-Site Wastewater Treatment
Permeability Testing
No. 18 March 1991 Toxic Wastes in Europe
Nitrate Directive
Nitrates in E.C.
Nitrates in Fermoy area
Review of Nitrates in Ireland
Septic Tank Systems
No. 17 November 1990 Drought 1990
Water Quality in County Sligo
Water Quality in County Wexford
Toxic Wastes
Landspreading of Wastes
Groundwater in Czecholsovakia
Geology Map of County Limerick
No. 16 August 1990 Low Water levels
Irish Precipitation and the Greenhouse Effect
Toxic Wastes in Europe
Landfill Sites
No. 15 March 1990 Nitrates in Surface water and Groundwater
Successful Drilling at Lanesborough
Septic Tank Effluent Treatment
GSI Geological Maps
No. 14 December 1989 Siting Boreholes on River Flood Plains
Peatland Research
Trace Organics
Farm Effluent and Water Pollution Act
Bacterial Contamination of Groundwater
No. 13 September 1989 Point Source Pollution in County Offaly
K/Na ration as pollution indicator
Spring Water Quality
Geohydrology study of Clara and Raheenmore Raised Bogs
Synthetic Organic Chemicals
No. 12 June 1989 Leachage Treatment by Peat
Farm Survey in Galway
Pollution planning and P.R.
Groundwater Quality Monitoring
Step Tests
Tipperary Natural Mineral Water
No. 11 March 1989 Portlaoise Seminar
Farm Survey in Galway
Septic Tanks
"Dilute and Disperse"?
Infiltration Galleries
Applied Geophysics in Groundwater Exploration
No. 10 December 1988 Infiltration Galleries
Scavenger Wells
Cone Penetration testing
Water Resources Management in South Australia
Letter from Oman

No.9 September 1988

Construction wetlands and pollution control


Gas Emissions from Tip Sites

Septic Tanks

Leaking underground storage tanks
No. 8 June 1988 Uses of peat on prevention of pollution
Group Schemes
No.7 March 1988

Land drainage

Successful wells at Slane and Smithboro

Safe farm slurry disposal

Groundwater Contamination

Septic tanks and groundwater pollution: Remedies

David J Burden – an Obituary

No. 6 December 1987 Applied Geophysics in Groundwater Exploration
groundwater pollution incidents 1987
Sileage effluent
geophysics in groundwater development
Synthetic Organic Chemicals
Artesian wells in Kilkenny
right to abstract
waste disposal
No. 5 September 1987 Applied Geophysics in Groundwater Exploration
Permanent Well points
South Wexford Limestone Aquifer
Groundwater in Carboniferous Limestones in Wales
Driling exhibition
Water Quality and Pollution -landfill in a karst area
Waste disposal sites and groundwater quality
Large scale potable water disinfection by uv
Septic Tanks
Nitrate Problems
No. 4 May 1987 Aquifer Protection in North Cork
Groundwater from Poor Aquifers
An unusual aquifer in Australia
Groundwater quality and pollution - hazard emergency mapping Yorkshire
Septic Tanks and Groundwater Contamination - why and where?
Migration of Enteric Coliforms Bacteria from a Septic tank
No. 3 February 1987 Disinfection of small water supplies
Emergency planning to protect Groundwater Resources
The septic tank system
Attenuation of inorganic nutrients from septic tank effluent
Treating supplementary groundwater sources
Groundwater from Poor Aquifers
Turloughs (karst)
No. 2 November 1986 Groundwater development in Eritrea
North Monaghan Limestone Aquifer
The testing of large diameter hand dug wells
Groundwater resource assessment in Lesotho
Groundwater development in North Louth
Development of a marginal aquifer in North Cork
Bunnatober Spring, Headford, Co. Galway
Septic tanks and groundwater : an introduction
Septic tanks: a survey
Disinfecting small water supplies - is UV treatment the answer?
Information Sources: GSI library
No. 1 August 1986 Tullamore Water Supply
Kiltorcan Aquifer System
Mitchelstown Water Suppy Scheme
Hydrogeology of a Limestone Low-land in Co. Mayo
Development of the Devils Bit Aquifer
Letterkenny Water Supply Improvement Scheme
A solution to Tuam' s problems
Groundwater Quality in South County Sligo
Geothermal energy in Ireland