bedrock geology of IrelandThe Bedrock Mapping Programme's main work at present is compilation of the bedrock data for the GeoUrban Project. In addition the Programme provides assistance to internal and external customers on aspects of bedrock geology, and maintains databases such as the Palaeontological Collections and Borehole Databases.

A massive part of our workload in recent years was the completion of the 1:100,000 Bedrock Geology Series. For seamless, downloadable ArcGIS versions see the GSI web mapping site here. For further information on this series and a historical summary of the Programme's mapping endeavours please click here.

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The staff of the Bedrock Programme, with their areas of expertise and interest, are:

Dr. Brian McConnell Senior Geologist (Head of Programme) email:
Tel. Intl. code + 353 1 678 2850
Dr. Markus Pracht  Geologist email:
Tel: Intl.code + 353 1 678 2838

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