Core Store
GSI Core StoreThe Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) maintains an extensive collection of drill core at its storage facility in Sandyford. The collection has been assembled over many years and consists primarily of core drilled by GSI and core donated by others, especially the minerals...
Bedrock Lexicon
This database contains descriptions of Bedrock Formations, their age, locations of their type sections in support of map production. The database does not yet have full national coverage. Here below is a sample record.
Borehole Database
This is a national database of boreholes derived from GSI's own records and exploration Open File reports. These can be seen on the Minerals Viewer at the GSI mapping site here.It contains information on location, depth and lithologies. Here below are sample records from the database.
Palaeontology Collection
The GSI maintains important collections of Irish fossils obtained during the course of mapping programmes over the last 150 years. The bulk of the collections consist of the acquisitions made between the years 1845 and 1890. They are typical of all stratigraphic systems represented in Irish geol...