Core Store

GSI Core Store
The Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) maintains an extensive collection of drill core at its storage facility in Sandyford. The collection has been assembled over many years and consists primarily of core drilled by GSI and core donated by others, especially the minerals industry. This drill core is a significant asset not only for GSI in carrying out its mandate but also serves as a valuable source for many sectors including academia, the minerals sector and the geotechnical sector. The listing of core holdings can be downloaded from here (3MB). To view this large collection of core by appointment - contact Tom McIntyre at 01 - 678 2883 / 01 - 294 1227 or

GSI Core Store rationalisation programme
The core store facility has exceeded its planned capacity and in order for GSI to continue to provide the services of the core store we have found it necessary to review our core holdings with a view to disposing some core to make room for newly drilled core by GSI and new offerings from third parties. GSI contracted SLR Consulting and Dr. Michael Philcox to review the core holdings in Sandyford and to recommend core for disposal.

GSI has considered their report and are now moving to implement the first phase of its findings. In this first phase, there are two categories under consideration:

1. drill holes for which we have no coordinates or locational identifiers.

2. holes drilled in any around the Carboniferous outlier in south Co. Wexford (“the Wexford Carboniferous Cluster”).

The details of these boreholes can be found here.

The GSI wishes to give any competent interested party the opportunity to voluntarily take any of the candidate holes for disposal and keep them at its own storage facility. The offer to take into care any of the candidtae drill holes will remain open until 28th June 2013. Any competent interested party should contact GSI (Mr. Tom McIntyre) before this date and be prepared to collect the drill core at a mutually acceptable time. After the 28th June 2013, GSI will dispose of any drill core listed above not removed by a third party.

GSI, at its own discretion, may photographically record any of the drill core that it deems suitable for recording in this manner. Any such records will be made available on the GSI’s website at a time at GSI’s deciding in the future.

GSI will be carrying out further assessments of its drill core holdings with a view to disposing of drill core, in order to make space available for newly acquired drill core, and further offers of drill core like this one will be issued before any disposal. GSI will consult with stakeholders to a reasonable extent in order to ensure that essential and strategic drill core is retained.