Photography Challenge
Geology Matters No. 14
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Geological Photography Challenge

GSI's Annual Du Noyer Photo Competition
Calling all photographers, particularly amateur! Why not head out into the outdoors this year and snap some gorgeous landscapes in your area. Then enter the annual landscape/geological photo competition run by GSI – the Du Noyer Photographic Competition.

The competition, organised in conjunction with the Irish Geological Association (, is named after George Victor Du Noyer 1817 - 1869, a skilled artist who worked for many years with a youthful GSI and had a tendency to add illustrations to the geological maps on which he worked. His artistic sketches were the "field photographs" of their day and in 1995 the National Gallery of Ireland exhibited a collection of his paintings under the title "Hidden Landscapes."

Photo by Emily Murray 

Kilchrist Area near Broadford, Red Cuillin Mountains in the background, Isle of Skye,

Photo by Emily Murray

This year the competition has a prize fund of €500 and it accepts photographs of geological interest taken either in Ireland or overseas. The competition’s closing date is Friday, October 11, 2013 and you may enter as many as 4 images, so get snapping...! The lucky winners will be invited to attend an awards ceremony and exhibition in the Dublin offices of GSI on December 13. Results will also appear on the GSI website.

Send your entries to

Full details of this year's competition are available here.