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New Publications
Gerry French

Islands Coast and Quarries: The Geological Heritage of Fingal by Matthew Parkes.

This book is a visual exploration of the geological Heritage of Fingal. Using data gathered during a 2007 audit of 21 sites of geological and landscape importance in Fingal. It presents some of the fascinating stories told by the rocks and fossils in these places.

 Islands, Coasts and Quarries

The images on the cover of this book encapsulate beautifully the subject matter within, which is not just an account of the geological processes that have formed the Fingal area of North County Dublin, but also a comprehensive guide to specific places and what the reader could expect to experience.

This well illustrated guide is presented in concise and non technical language with stunning contemporary photographs which will appeal to both the professional and the general enthusiast and hopefully inspire its readers to explore and appreciate the county’s rich geological diversity.

Illustrated throughout with high quality images, diagrams, maps and aerial photographs, the reader is encouraged to observe our familiar landscape in a new way.

The book begins with some simple explanations of geological terms and time frames before going on to explore the 21 sites of geological significance detailed in the 2007 audit report of County Geological Sites.

A summary of the geological history of Fingal is provided for those readers who wish to understand a little more of the different places in Fingal in a more regional geological context. For those who might wish to explore further the rich geological heritage of Fingal, an extensive list of key geological references which includes selected papers, books, web sites and articles is also provided.

The book provides a compelling introduction to the rich geological heritage of North County Dublin. This beautifully illustrated compact guide will be of interest not only to school teachers, but also the general public. Indeed anyone who has ever wondered about the forces and processes that shaped and formed their landscape will be fascinated with this book.

Islands Coast and Quarries: The Geological Heritage of Fingal is not available through normal retail outlets. If you are interested in obtaining a copy you can e-mail A limited number of free copies may still be available. The book is sponsored by The Heritage Council and Fingal County Council and is supported by the Geological Survey of Ireland

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