Landslides Susceptibility Mapping
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Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in the GSI
Charise McKeon - Landslide Mapping Project Manager

Over the last ten years the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) has developed a greater understanding of the spatial and temporal distribution of landslides in Ireland. The foundation for this work was developed through the Landslides in Ireland publication (2006) and its recommendations. These recommendations included the aspiration to develop a risk assessment methodology for Ireland based on international best practice.

Landslide in Mayo
Landslide in Mayo in 2013

As part of the Geoscience Initiative 2007-2013 the GSI successfully completed the development of a landslide susceptibility mapping model in parallel with a comprehensive inventory for east Leinster (Louth, Meath, Dublin, Wicklow) and the greater Cork area. The project developed a robust repeatable methodology for the production of landslide susceptibility maps in Irish conditions, based on available national datasets and produced maps over the two selected study areas. These areas of susceptibility are ranked, in accordance to slope stability and associated topographic factors, into categories that range from low to high. It should be noted that the term “susceptibility” refers to the identification of areas which are predisposed to landslides and this is measured by the number of incidences per square km. This work was completed in early 2013 which allowed for additional testing of the model to be carried out as part of a small project for counties Mayo and Kerry. A total of 2265 landslide events have now been mapped over the past 6 years and added to the National Landslide Database as a result of this work. It is hoped that a draft national landslide susceptibility map will be produced in 2014/15. This national landslide susceptibility map would then provide a baseline dataset for the production of a national landslide hazard and subsequent landslide risk map.

Since 2004 the GSI and the Landslide Working Group has had close liaison with planning authorities with regard to proposed landslide susceptibility map outputs. Currently there is potential for susceptibility maps to be used initially as part of EIS assessment or similar development plans at the current level of land mapped. A National Map would be required by the Planning Authorities in order to produce National Guidance as per Flood Risk Management Guidelines which was driven by an EU directive.
Landslide events
Landslide events currently in the Irish Landslide Database as of June 2014.

A series of reports and further information on the GSI’s landslide susceptibility mapping can be viewed here...
and this data is available for use by the public, researchers and stakeholders.

A dedicated landslides viewer is also available where all associated landslide data can be viewed and downloaded from here... 

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