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Greetings from Geology Matters Editorial Team. Welcome to Issue No. 13 of Geology Matters, the newsletter of the Geological Survey of Ireland. This newsletter is often useful and always free!

Geological matters gained a good deal of attention in the national media recently with three items being featured on RTE television. The launch of a new publication Warships, U boats and Liners featured an interview with Charise McKeown co-author of the book on Six One news. Gerry Stanley was interviewed for Six One News knee-deep in water (not gold unfortunately), on a recent Irish Geological Association field trip on Gold Panning. The Tellus border team featured on RTE’s Nationwide detailing the latest developments in the Tellus Border Project. All three items are featured in this issue.

Also in this issue we feature an article on Historic Mine Sites, the latest INFOMAR news, the launch of two on-line mapping applications, Aggregate Potential and the The National Landslide Database. We also feature the publication of an audit of County Geological Sites in County Roscommon plus news on some exciting new publications. We have another feature on earthquakes, a comprehensive overview of the Griffith’s Geoscience Research Awards, GSI awards and news on The BT Young Scientist and Terchnology Exhibition.

We hope you enjoy this New Year edition of Geology Matters.

Geology Matters Editorial Team
Ray Scanlon, Chair
Koen Verbruggen
Mary Carter
Michael Sheehy
Gerry French