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Archie Donovan, INFOMAR Project Manager - GSI

The INtegrated Mapping FOr the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s MArine Resource (INFOMAR) programme is a joint venture between the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) and the Marine Institute (MI).

The programme is a successor to the Irish National Seabed Survey (INSS) and concentrates on creating integrated mapping products of the physical, chemical and biological features of the seabed in the near-shore area.

The programme is funded by the Irish Government through the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. This article is a guide to the upcoming INFOMAR survey operations during the 2014 season.

INFOMAR coverage
Coastal and inshore area mapped as of end of 2013. Each colour represents a separate survey leg, labelled by survey platform (2 digits), year of survey (2 digits) and survey number (2 digits). Details on

INFOMAR Programme 2014: Proposed Survey Areas
The 2014 INFOMAR preliminary survey operations will primarily focus on coastal and inshore survey. The MI R.V. Celtic Voyager will focus on the following areas...

  • West Clare on behalf of Sustainable Energy Authority for Ireland
  • South West coast, merging coverage achieved in 2013 in Roaring water Bay with historical coverage obtained by the R.V. Celtic Explorer in 2006
  • Offshore Tralee Bay merging with historical data collected by R.V. Celtic Explorer
  • West Coast offshore Co. Galway extending coverage within the Biologically Sensitive Area

The three GSI R.V.’s Keary, Cosantóir Bradán and Geo will conduct survey activity on the following areas...

  • Lough Swilly and outher Mulroy Bay, extending previous Lidar coverage
  • Sheep Haven and Gola Island (work carried out on behalf of BIM)
  • Donegal Bay extending further inshore coverage achieved by the R.V. Celtic Voyager
  • Blacksod Bay/ Broadhaven Bay
  • West Clare surveying inner coastline on behalf of Sustainable Energy Authority for Ireland
  • Tralee bay.

All survey activities are preliminary and might change depending on weather and other unforeseen factors.

Proposed survey areas for 2014
Proposed Survey areas for 2014. Crown Copyright and/or database rights. Reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office and the UK Hydrographic Office (

Value Added Exploitation
A specific objective of INFOMAR is the delivery of a programme of national and international value added research to leverage the skills, expertise and data from the INSS and INFOMAR.

The programme office coordinates Research Calls and associated grant aid award schemes, and encourages industry & research partnership and collaborative applications, particularly in areas related to INFOMAR activities where there is future scope for commercial opportunities, growth and/or jobs.

23 research projects were funded in 2011/2012 across a broad array of disciplines and areas including (see Table. 1)

  • Data management, visualisation, analysis and integration
  • Geoscience, Oceanography, Acoustics
  • Ocean Energy
  • Technology Development
  • Education and outreach

Data Products and Access

All INFOMAR datasets can be freely accessed via the data and products page of the INFOMAR website (

Data Viewer Sites  This is a Web Map Viewer link.  This is the INFOMAR public viewer link.

B. Data Download Site
The webmapping viewers provide the user with enhanced data visualisation and query tools in comparison to the data download site. However, data can be downloaded directly without first reviewing it in the above viewers from the data download site:

C. Products Download
INFOMAR and INSS products can be viewed and downloaded here:

Funded Projects

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