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Geoscience Ireland - 20 members and growing
Sean Finlay, Director - Business Development

Geoscienece Ireland (GI) is a GSI sponsored consortium of consultants and contractors providing advisory and design solutions in mineral exploration, mining, water and environmental services and institutional capacity building. Target countries are sub Saharan Africa, Australia, Canada and Eastern Europe.

An initial reference group of 5 companies which came together in 2010 has expanded rapidly since September 2012 with the appointment of a Business Development Director.

GI now has 20 members with a combined turnover of over €140 million per annum and has over 1,000 employees. Approximately 35% of turnover is derived from overseas markets and the objective is to grow this amount.

The broad divisions of GI service companies are as follows (as some companies provide more than one service, the total is more than 20).

Surveying (Geophysical and Geospatial) 3
Geology, Mineral Exploration 4
Water Services, Hydrogeology, Geotechnical 7
Environmental 6
Drilling and Tunnelling 5

Marketing activity has focussed on the GI website on direct contacts with target companies and on participation in major mining related conferences.

Events attended were a Market Study Visit to Western Australia arranged by Enterprise Ireland in November 2012; the Mines & Money Conference in London in December 2012; Mining Indaba in Cape Town in February and the forthcoming PDAC in Toronto in March. PDAC is the world’s largest mining conference. Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Ambassadors to Australia and South Africa participated in some of these events.

Mining Indaba in Cape Town
Ireland’s Ambassador to South Africa His Excellency Brendan McMahon in Cape Town with Indaba delegates Sean Finlay (Geoscience Ireland) and Dr Deirdre Lewis (SLR- a GI member).