Geological Heritage

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The Geological Heritage of Roscommon
An Audit of County Geological Sites in Roscommon
Sophie Préteseille - GSI

Geological Heritage Sites worthy of protection nationwide either recommended for Natural Heritage Area (NHA) or County Geological Site (CGS) designation - are assessed by the Irish Geological Heritage and Planning Programme (IGHP) through a detailed process described on GSI website. more details...

Sites of geological interest at County level are surveyed through an audit of County Geological Sites. This is a partnership between the Local Authority and GSI. Consultants are hired following a tender process, and contracted by the Local Authority. GSI supervises the work to ensure the final product delivered follows the IGHP guidelines.

 Geological Heritage of Roscommon

Roscommon is the 9th County to be audited for CGS and the resulting report has just been released. The audit was carried out by Matthew Parkes and Robbie Meehan. In total 29 sites of interest have been identified as worthy of CGS designation (9 of which are likely to be recommended for NHA designation in the future). These 29 sites will be included in the new County Development Plan for protection.

Among the features of interest identified, mushroom rocks indicating the ancient shoreline of Lough Ree, turloughs, dolines, eskers, moraines and deltas form the main features of Roscommon geodiversity. Quarries, pits and coal mines also offer a glimpse of Roscommon mineral resources, either exploited in the past or still ongoing, providing a unique insight in the county’s geology.

This audit was supported by the Heritage Council, the Geological Survey of Ireland, Roscommon County Council and County Roscommon Heritage. Forum. The resulting report was an action of the County Roscommon Heritage Plan 2012-2016 and can be downloaded from GSI website here.