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Geology Matters No. 7
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Enda Gallagher

Any of you that have visited our website recently will hopefully have noticed the massive changes in appearance and content that have occurred. Over a timeframe of several months earlier this year we literally took the old website apart, deleted out-of-date pages and information and updated and improved it in as many ways that were practically possible.

The main objectives of the revamp project were:

  • To present the breadth of GSI’s work and activities clearly and effectively.
  • To make the site more user-friendly to site visitors.
  • To update the site – many of the site pages were old, but necessary, so required significant editing.

Given that GSI has few resources available for advertising and may not have an “ongoing newsworthiness” our website clearly takes on a major importance as a marketing tool. It is our best means towards promoting our organisation appropriately to the outside world.

New or improved features:
There is much more of a customer focus about this site than the previous one. New features include:

  • Changing “Hotlinks” on the front page – six boxes each changing once, thereby enabling us to highlight 12 different key activity areas in a quite subtle way.
  • A news section on the front page – this as well as the hotlinks clears all the clutter from our existing front page.
  • An Education area in the site that hosts most of our general interest information including our old and improved “Geology for Everyone” section as well as a “Sites, Walks and Field Trips” section which concentrates in one location our site specific information.
  • A new search facility.
  • A new search facility under the heading “Your area” for anyone who really has little knowledge about our work but wants to quickly view what we might offer regarding his/her county.
  • A projects search facility broken into themes thereby facilitating easier search for the visitor. Thus in this section, Groundwater Protection Schemes will show up under the “Environment” theme etc. It allows the visitor to see at a glance what Environment projects GSI, as a whole, is involved in.
  • A new online shop is now accessible from the site.

GSI website homepage

Whilst we are very happy with the results of our efforts we are well aware that every website is, and should always be, merely a work-in-progress. We encourage readers to visit the site. We also would be pleased with any suggestions for improvements or additions you may have. Please send these to

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