Geology Matters No 8
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Launch of INFOMAR Website and Product Range

Linda Grealish, INFOMAR (GSI/Marine Institute)

The INFOMAR (Integrated Mapping for the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s Marine Resource) website and product range was officially launched by the Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Séan Power, T.D., onboard the R.V. Celtic Explorer, one of the vessels used in the acquisition of INFOMAR data.

The website provides information on the nature of the seabed, physical habitats and water depths as well as general information about the programme and surveying activities.

Mulroy Bay: LiDAR coverage of Mulroy Bay viewed in Google Earth
Mulroy Bay: LiDAR coverage of Mulroy Bay viewed in Google Earth.

Designed to be very user-friendly allows users to access data acquired by the INFOMAR programme and its predecessor, the Irish National Seabed Survey. Visitors to the site can:
  • view line data;
  • view vector data, including tracklines, SVP and grab samples;
  • view metadata on the various data types collected by INFOMAR as well as metadata on all other datasets held by the Marine Institute and some held by the GSI;
  • download bathymetry and backscatter grids and XYZ files, and leg reports for all INSS and INFOMAR surveys;
  • use Google Earth to view the seabed in the surveyed areas.

The diverse product range has been designed so as to satisfy the needs of the majority of end users. The product list includes;

  • Bathymetry Maps
  • Backscatter Maps
  • Shaded Relief Maps
  • Seabed Classification
  • Wreck Identification
  • Cetacean Maps
  • Google Earth maps
  • Fledermaus DTM’s
  • ArcMap Grids
  • Magnetic Mapping
  • Project Reports

Speaking at the launch in June, Minister Power said, ‘With over 220 million acres of our national territory lying beneath the sea, many of the potential benefits from this resource are, as yet, unrealised. The INFOMAR project is now discovering those resources and making information on them available online. This website will have benefits for a wide spectrum of activities from navigation, safety at sea, fisheries management and seabed resource management. As Minister with responsibility for both the Information Society and Natural Resources, I am delighted to see the INFOMAR project placing information delivery at the heart of its operations.’

‘Through the website, the public, the research community and industry have easy access to what is possibly Ireland’s most advanced web data delivery system’ added Minister Power. For more information, log onto