Groundwater Vulnerability Mapping
 Geology Matters No 8
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Groundwater Vulnerability Mapping

Coran Kelly TOBIN Consulting Engineers

TOBIN Consulting Engineers are assisting the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) in the continuation and completion of the National Groundwater Protection Scheme Programme. The programme is scheduled over four years and this year’s mapping concentrated on Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath, Louth and Dublin. The mapping team consists of Orla Murphy, Monika Kabza and Melissa Spillane. Coran Kelly (Tobin), Robbie Meehan (Consultant Geologist), Taly Hunter Williams and Monica Lee (GSI) provide specific expertise and guidance to the project. Collaboration with the Local Authorities is an integral part of the project. Data collection is a critical element of the project and Natalia Fernandez (GSI) has requested information drilling records and borehole logs from consultants. We would like to take this opportunity to request the readership of Geology Matters to submit borehole logs and site investigation reports to the GSI. This information would assist in improving the database and knowledge of the sub-terrain environment. Thanks to those consultants who have already submitted records.

The photographs show the mapping team and the fleet of vehicles being used in the project.
Tobin mapping team
From left to right - Orla Murphy, Robbie Meehan, Natalia Fernandez,
Monika Kabza and Melissa Spillane