Collaborations between GSI and Irish Universities
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Collaborations between the GSI and Irish Universities
Xavier Monteys and Monica Lee

The Geological Survey of Ireland (DCENR) is pleased to announce that three post-doctoral researchers have been awarded funding within the Irish Research Council’s (IRC) Enterprise Partnership Scheme. All three positions are joint collaborations between the GSI and Irish Universities (DCU, NUIM & TCD). The fellowships, which are all for duration of two years, will undertake high level research in groundwater and marine environments.

The two marine research projects will focus on two regions from the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone to better understand the geology and the biogeochemical processes in the deep-water seafloor. Results are expected to add value to the existing public INFOMAR databases and serve as a bridge between the research community and the active marine industry in these areas.

The groundwater project will investigate groundwater flow in karst aquifers, which will greatly increase our understanding of these aquifers, supply groundwater for our drinking water and to our rivers and groundwater dependant ecosystems. The outcome will be to provide more information to the general public as well as aid the work of the Local Authorities and Irish Water in their role of providing wholesome drinking water. The research will also support the EPA in meeting our Water Framework Directive commitments.

The Minister for Research and Innovation Seán Sherlock T.D. announced the awarding of €5.7 million to support 50 new enterprise-academia research partnerships through the Irish Research Council’s (IRC) Enterprise Partnership Scheme. The funding of 50 new awards this year marks the 10th year of the Enterprise Partnership Scheme and the engagement of 250 companies.

Project titles:

  1. Modelling Karst Hydrogeological Networks (ID: EPSPD/2014/25):
    • HEI: Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
    • Awardee: Ted McCormack
    • Academic Mentor: Laurence Gill (TCD)
    • GSI Mentor: Monica Lee/Caoimhe Hickey
  2. Methane Hydrates and Shallow Gas in the Atlantic Irish Waters - Resource Evaluation. (ID: EPSPD/2014/12)
    • HEI: Dublin City University [DCU]
    • Awardee: Michal Szpak
    • Academic Mentor: Brian Kelleher
    • GSI Mentor: Xavier Monteys (GSI)
  3. Mapping the shallow geology of the Porcupine Bank, west of Ireland (ID: EPSPD/2014/15)
    • HEI: The National University of Ireland, Maynooth [NUIM]
    • Awardee: Benjamin Thébaudeau
    • Academic Mentor: Stephen McCarron
    • GSI Mentor: Xavier Monteys (GSI)

Project teams
Monica Lee (GSI), Ross McKiernan (IRC), Ted McCormack (TCD), Eucharia Meehan (IRC),
Benjamin Thébaudeau (NUIM), Michal Szpak (DCU) and Xavier Monteys (GSI).