Irish Geoscience Graduate Programme
Geology Matters Issue No 11
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The Irish Geoscience Graduate Programme

Ray Scanlon

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GSI and GSNI are participating in the new Irish Geoscience Graduate Programme (IGGP). This initiative has established an all island programme of taught modules that are available to PhD students registered in any Geoscience institution in Ireland or Northern Ireland. The initiative was funded under the GSI Griffith Geoscience Research Awards via a grant to the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies.

The Irish Geoscience Graduate Programme (IGGP) is aimed at making both generic and research-specific skills available to Geoscience PhD students across the island of Ireland, by providing modules (generally 2.5 or 5 credits) offered by individual institutions/bodies in Ireland In effect IGGP will be a virtual geoscience graduate school and is intended to be an integral part of structured PhD programmes.

The GSI and GSNI module focuses on the acquisition, processing, interpretation, management and visualisation of large national datasets such as marine data from INSS/INFOMAR and onshore data from TELLUS.

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