Four Geoscience Ireland Members Shortlisted for Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards
Engineers Ireland Annual Excellence Awards for 2015 include geosciences for the first time. The Geoscience Ireland Award recognises exceptional achievement in design and/or delivery of projects requiring significant geo-scientific expertise e.g. involving geological, geochemical, geophysical, geotechnical or hydrogeological studies or projects in the development of natural resources, infrastructure and water services in international markets.

The shortlisted projects for the Geoscience Ireland Award are

  1. AWN Consulting - Seveso Capacity Building in Turkey
  2. J. B. Barry and Partners Limited, Consulting Engineers - Ballaghadreen Bypass
  3. GDG Ltd and Openhydro (Joint entry) - Development of a novel geotechnical framework for the optimisation of tidal turbine foundations
  4. Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd. and Apex Geoservices Ltd. (Joint entry) - Blantyre Water Supply (Water Intake on Shire River, Water Treatment Works,)

All four projects are led by members of the Geoscience Ireland Network of 24 companies, which is supported by the Geological Survey of Ireland and Enterprise Ireland.

Engineers Ireland and the Irish Times published a Special Report on 30 October outlining the full range of the 2015 Excellence Awards.
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The Power of Engineering

The Winners of the Engineers Ireland Awards will be announced on 6th November 2015 at an Awards Ceremony in Dublin’s Intercontinental Hotel. The Geoscience Ireland Award will be presented by Koen Verbruggen, Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland.