Additional Funding in Budget 2017 for Geological Survey Ireland
Budget 2017 includes a 28% increase in the Capital budget for GSI, equivalent to €2.5 million. Details are as follows.
Allocation of €0.5 million for groundwater flood monitoring.
This allocation of an additional €0.5m to the National Groundwater Programme will allow for a rapid and responsive expansion of the Geological Survey’s Groundwater Programme into a monitoring phase of flooded Turloughs. This is particularly urgent as Turloughs represent areas of growing concern with respect to groundwater flooding with specific reference to the potenital duration of flooding.
Increase in €1 million for Tellus. The allocation of an additional €1m for the Tellus Programme will allow for the chemical analysis of the soil, water and sediment samples currently being collected across the North West, central midlands and East of the country. This will ensure the project can meet its objective of having 50% of the Island of Ireland mapped by end 2017.
Increase in €1 million for INFOMAR This allocation represents a return to previous INFOMAR Programme budget levels, and will allow for resumption of surveying of mid-depth waters with the Marine Institute, while allowing Geological Survey Ireland, as lead partner in the Programme to continue to survey the technically challenging near-shore areas. This will ensure the project can deliver added value products to support marine spatial planning and development.