Online Mapping

GSI offers a range of websites and services to enable you to simply view, download or connect live to our data for free:

Data Download sites

   Click to open the IWDDS, from which INFOMAR offshore & GSI onshore digital data can be downloaded.    Click to download GSI shapefiles in pre-zipped folders.
Interactive Web Data Delivery System (IWDDS).
Offshore (INSS and INFOMAR) and onshore GSI
data can be clipped and extracted from an
area of interest.
DCENR Spatial data page . GIS data (ESRI shapefiles)
can be downloaded in pre-zipped folders. A stylefile is
included as well as a digital licence agreement which
is to be completed by the user.

Google Maps

Open this map in a new window by clicking here 

Open this map in a new window by clicking here


Map Viewers 
A generic, Public Data Viewer was created in association with ISD developers. 
Seperate bespoke project viewers are available:

  Click to access the Public Data Viewer. GSI onshore and offshore datasets are available to view.

The Public Data Viewer is for online map
viewing and querying of all available GSI datasets.

Project Viewers 

Project viewers are updated regularly when new datasets are available.
Click on the images to access to the viewers. 

New Groundwater Viewer - April 2014  

FAQs on using the new Groundwater Viewer.

Click here to access an older version of the Groundwater mapping site.


NEW Geotechnical Viewer - September 2012


NEW Landslides Viewer - October 2012

APM Viewer
NEW Aggregate Potential Mapping - October 2012
Click for instructions and access to the Breifne viewer.
Bréifne Viewer (geotourism region,
North West Ireland)

INFOMAR Viewer (Seabed mapping)


Click for instructions and access to the Breifne viewer.
Joint Irish Bathymetric Survey
(JIBS) Viewer

GeoUrban Viewer

Minerals Open File Viewer

Tellus Border Viewer

GIS Web Map Services (WMS)
You can now access The Geological Survey's GIS data directly through your desktop GIS application, or use it to create a live 'mash up' web service.

OGC compliant WMS (Web Map Service) feeds are now available via our departmental GIS server.

Consult your software's help documentation on how to add the WMS.
Download Opening a GSI WMS in ArcGIS.pdf

The full links for the WMS services are:

Also available are WMS services stored in Google Map Gallery

Bathymetry all resolutions and Shipwrecks

Geological Heritage Sites in County Waterford


Quick Links
IWDDS DCENR downloads Public Data Viewer   Groundwater   Geotechnical .   Bréifne INFOMAR GeoUrban