Geoscience 2013 Conference

Geoscience 2013

GSI Geoscience Initiatives: achievements,
applications and future directions...

Geoscience 2013 is the annual event held by the Geological Survey of Ireland, the State’s geoscience body. Minister of State at DCENR and DECLG, Fergus O’Dowd TD gave the opening address. Presentations are available for download through the links below.
The schedule was as follows:

08:30    Registration
09:30    Conference Opening: Michael Manley, Assistant Secretary, DCENR
09:40    Opening address: Minister of State at DCENR and DECLG, Fergus O’Dowd TD

SESSION 1 - Resource protection and development
                      Chair: Donal Daly, Hydrometric and Groundwater Programme Manager, EPA
09:55    National planning framework (with reference to environmental and geoscience datasets) 
            - Niall Cussen, Senior Advisor, Planning Inspectorate, DECLG  Download Presentation
Groundwater Vulnerability: Applications and future plans in groundwater protection: 
Monica Lee, Head Groundwater Programme, GSI.  Download presentation
10:25    Aggregate Potential Mapping & Quarry Database: Applications and future plans in resources 
Gerry Stanley, Head Minerals Programme, GSI  Download presentation
10:40    GSI funded research and introduction to poster session: 
Taly Hunter Williams, Senior Hydrogeologist, GSI  Download Presentation
11:00    Coffee and Poster viewing

SESSION 2 - Hazards and energy
                      Chair: David McAuley, National coordinator for FP7 Energy, SEAI
12:05    Landslides Susceptibility Mapping & Database: Applications and future plans in hazard 
Charise McKeon, Manager Landslides Mapping Project, GSI  Download Presentation
12:20   Shallow Geothermal (Ground source) Mapping & Guidance: 
Monica Lee/Taly Hunter Williams, GSI  Download Presentation
CO2 storage potential in the Irish Sea: progress in the joint GSI-BGS
Brian McConnell, Head Land Mapping Unit, GSI  Download Presentation

SESSION 3 - Tourism and Landscape
                      Chair: Beatrice Kelly, Head of Policy and Research, Heritage Council
12:45    Geoheritage and Geoparks: Planning and geotourism in Ireland: 
Sarah Gatley, Head Geological Heritage Programme, GSI  Download Presentation
13:00    Quaternary Mapping update & Landscape Feature Database: Applications and future plans in             subsurface characterisation: 
Michael Sheehy, Manager Quaternary Mapping Revision, GSI  Download Presentation
Lunch and Poster viewing

SESSION 4 - Urban and Regional geoenvironmental mapping
                      Chair: Anne McGarry, Chief Executive, RPII
15:00    Geourban: Applications in urban spatial planning: 
Brian McConnell & Beatrice Mozo, Land Mapping Unit, GSI  Download Presentation
15:15    Tellus Border: Applications in health, mining and economics: 
Ray Scanlon, TellusProject Manager, GSI  Download Presentation
SESSION 5 - Geoscience outlook
                      Chair: Professor Pat Shannon, UCD School of Geoscience & Chair of RIA Geosciences
15:35    INFOMAR 2026: 
            - Archie Donovan, Joint Project Manager, INFOMAR  Download Presentation
15:50    Geoscience Ireland: Supporting development: 
Sean Finlay, Business Development Manager, Geoscience Ireland  Download Presentation
16:00    Geoscience Initiative ll: Applied national mapping and related research to 2020:
                - Koen Verbruggen, Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland
16:30    Geoscience underpinning the economy: SFI research cluster bid: 
Professor Chris Bean, Head Geophysics Group, University College Dublin
Coffee and Poster viewing
17:20    Keynote lecture: BGS Energy Research Centre 
Professor John Ludden, Executive Director, British Geological Survey


Geological Survey of Ireland, 2013
Beggars Bush | Haddington Road | Ballsbridge | Dublin 4