Bedrock Section
The Bedrock section's contribution to the GeoUrban project takes two main formats:
1. Simplification of bedrock geology maps for 3D modelling in the GeoUrban area.
2.  data capture of outcrops, dip and strike of bedding and borehole compilation.

Data Capture
Data capture was carried out for a large part of the GeoUrban area, sheet 50 (according to the OSi Discovery 1:50,000 series).
Aurum Exploration Services Ltd. were contracted to to assist the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) in the ongoing development of the Bedrock 1:50,000 scale Map Series in relation to the Geo-Urban project.
The primary objectives of this work included georeferencing mainly 6 inch maps (see images, right) to the OSi 1:50,000 base, checking the location and shape of bedrock outcrops on the GSI's existing outcrop map with respect to 6 inch field maps, making corrections where necessary and fitting 1:100,000 structural and stratigraphical linework with respect to the 1:50,000 base map.
 Bedrock Borehole Log files 
The bedrock boreholes dataset has been updated to include links to borehole company logs. These are available in PDF format from the GeoUrban Viewer. Use the "Identify" tool to select a bedrock borehole, then click on the link in the "Identify Results" information on the top left of the viewer to access the log.