The GeoUrban Project - "Geology of Urban areas"

"GeoUrban" is an NDP (National Development Plan) 2007 - 2013 funded project. The aim of the project is to create a web enabled,
free access Dublin urban, 2D/3D/4D geo-environmental GIS. This will provide a corporate contribution to assist informed planning and
 infrastructural decision making in the Greater Dublin region, including forward looking flood/inundation protection requirements.

Full development of this dynamic, web enabled system will take a number of years to complete, in particular developing 3D and 4D visualisations, so initial phases in 2007 will focus on collating and integrating extant data sets, creating an integrated web enabled GIS and developing indicative/pilot 3D visualisations, as might be achievable with current data and IT systems. In future years, it is intended that the initial developments will build forward incrementally into a fully integrated onshore and near offshore 2D, 3D and, wherever possible 4D visualisation of the geological structure and environment of the greater Dublin region, Dublin Port and Dublin Bay/Kish Basin.

The GeoUrban area

  The GeoUrban area covers most of County Dublin, parts of counties Meath, Kildare and a small section of County Wicklow.

The project involves a range of sections in the Geological Survey:
The Project utilises data from all sections and some work has been contracted to external consultants.