This public lecture is organised by iSCAN.
iSCAN is the Irish Science Centres Awareness Network

Dr Bob Bloomfield works for the Natural History Museum London and is Coordinator of Darwin200.

Darwin200 will mark
the anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth on the 12th February 2009 and also mark 150 years since the publication of 'On the Origin of Species'.

Public lecture: “The theory that shook the world!”
Dr Bloomfield will explain why it is important to celebrate Charles Darwin. He will give an overview of Darwin’s life and how he formulated his theory of evolution by natural selection, which caused a storm that is still blowing in places, despite the weight of evidence that has grown in the last 150 years. Dr. Bloomfield will describe the UK and worldwide plans for Darwin200

Followed by - Darwin Events in Ireland: Eoin Gill & Nigel Monaghan followed by discussion: Are you planning a Darwin event? Do you want to collaborate on events or provide financial support? Please come along. 

Location: Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin at 2pm

Contact: Nigel Monaghan, tel: 01-648 6354,

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For iSCAN members or those interested in joining iSCAN or for more information:

iSCAN is inviting anyone, whether you’re a member or not, with an interest in promoting science/technology centres (aquaria, interactive centres, museums, planetariums, science attractions, universities, zoos) or the public understanding of science or technology in general to come along to discuss plans for celebrating Darwin200.


Mr Nigel T. Monaghan,
Vice-Chair - iSCAN,
c/o Natural History Division,
National Museum of Ireland,
Merrion Street,
Dublin 2,


iSCAN programme of the day (21st June 2008)


-         10.30am: private tour of the Natural History Museum, by appointment only, please contact Nigel Monaghan

-         12 noon: iSCAN AGM - National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street

-         2pm: public lecture The theory that shook the world!” by Dr Bloomfield, Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin

-         After the lecture: Darwin Events in Ireland: Eoin Gill & Nigel Monaghan followed by discussion