This is a lunchtime seminar organised by UCD School of Earth Sciences.

The first seminar of the term will be given by Dr Andy Pulham, a consultant for Cobalt International Energy.

The topic of his talk will be "Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging: new insights from deepwater conventional core data; sedimentary structures and rock properties".

Acquisition of Computed Topography (CT) data in the oil and gas industry has provided high resolution 3D volumes of the density structure of cored sedimentary rocks. The CT technologies are not new and have and are still being pioneered by medical sciences. This talk will explore some recently acquired data from Paleogene deepwater, siliciclastic reservoirs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, USA. Focus will be on sedimentary structures; some 'conventional' and other 'enigmatic' and perhaps under recognised features.

Venue: 1.00 pm in room G01, School of Earth Sciences, Science Centre West, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4,

: 01-716 2331, ,

All welcome