This lecture is organised by the Irish Geological Association.

“In 2008, an Oxford geologist published proof that an obscure layer of rock in north-west Scotland, assumed for many years to be volcanic in origin, had been formed by a giant meteorite impact. In 2011, I travelled to Scotland to pay homage to this remarkable rock and collect a few pieces. What I saw there convinced me that there was much more to discover about this remarkable event 1.2 billion years ago. This talk will describe how a chance discovery on holiday led to the discovery, maybe, of a giant impact crater buried beneath Scotland, and how its existence may have profound implications for understanding the geological history of this region of Britain.”

When and where: The lecture theatre in the Geological Survey of Ireland, Beggars Bush, Dublin 4 on Wednesday, March 22nd, between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Coffee and biscuits will available from 5:30 pm. All welcome.