This is a lunchtime seminar organised by UCD School of Earth Sciences.

Abstract: Glacier-covered volcanoes can be the cause of a variety of hazards such as lava flows, toxic gases, ash and subglacial floods. These hazards create a need for an effective forecasting that involves the (i) detection of potentially precursory signals, (ii) exclusion of other sources that might generate similar signals and (iii) the multidisciplinary detection of signs for unrest. From a seismological point of view the attempts to track magma movement mainly focus on earthquakes which are easy to locate using P and S wave arrival times. However, it has been observed that more long-lasting seismic signals called tremor contain information about the processes surrounding an intrusion as well. This talk will discuss the reasons that might be responsible for clear source movements of seismic tremor before and during the eruption at Holuhraun in 2014/15 in Iceland using a seismic array close to the eruptive site.

Venue: 1.00 pm in room G01, School of Earth Sciences, Science Centre West, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4,

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