This lecture is organised by the Irish Geological Association (IGA).

Abstract: Radon gets a very bad press these days with concerns about its cancer-causing health effects and the whole new remediation industry that it has created. As with mercury, asbestos and health foods, the
facts often become obscured by the scare stories. This talk looks at the historical aspects of its discovery, its relationship to uranium, and the methods of detection. The ubiquitous presence of radon in soil gas suggests that in addition to house construction issues, we need to look at the geological aspects of radon, how it is transported to the surface and whether it relates more to rock and soil textures (e.g. fracturing) than to rock types. What the talk will not be addressing are the statistics underlying the health concerns nor remediation methods or their effectiveness.

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Geological Survey Ireland, Beggars Bush, Haddington Road, Dublin 4
Date: Wednesday, April 19th, between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. Coffee and biscuits will available from 5:30 pm. All welcome.