"Do higher sea cliff retreat rates imply faster sea cliff retreat ? The dynamic of the eastern Mediterranean coastal cliff" by Dr Oded Katz (Geooigcal Survey of Israel)

"Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging: new insights from deepwater conventional core data; sedimentary structures and rock properties" by Dr Andy Pulham (Cobalt International Energy)

"An investigation of uranium occurrence, sources and mobilization processes in selected Irish groundwaters" by Fani Papageorgiou (UCD) and "Present and future regional scale climate influences on renewable energy resources" by Joao Monteiro Correia (UCD)

“Molecular clocks and the timescale of animal evolutionary history" by Prof. Phil Donoghue FRS (University of Bristol)

“Low enthalpy ground source heating in Wales: baseline mapping and operational systems utilising abandoned coal workings and shallow urban aquifers" by Dr Gareth Farr (British Geological Survey)

"Irish Zn-Pb mineralization: a role for volcanism" by Dr Holly Elliot (Camborne School of Mines, UK)

"The Marine Geology of Ireland: A Voyage to the Bottom of the Irish Seas" by Maria Judge (Geological Survey Ireland)

"A Geochemical Journey around the Earth" by Prof. Balz Kamber (Trinity College Dublin)

"Insights into the last deglaciation from deep sea corals" by Prof. Laura Robinson (Univ. of Bristol)

"Provenance and tectonic evolution of Mesozoic sandstones in the Banda Arc, Indonesia - Chasing rocks on subtropical islands" by Dr Sebastian Zimmermann (UCD/iCRAG)

"An unusual patient: documenting analogue experiments of volcanic intrusions with X-ray Computed Tomography" by Dr Sam Poppe (Vrike Universiteit Brussel)

Irish Geological Research Meeting, Trinity College Dublin

"Using Zn-Cu-S and clumped O-C isotopes to constrain hydrothermal fluid flow and deposition processes in Irish-type deposits" by Aileen Doran (iCRAG PhD student) & "Rare element enrichment processes in LCT pegmatites and implications for geochemical exploration" by David Käter (iCRAG PhD student)

"Medical Hydrogeology: lessons on groundwater and health from South East Asia" by Dr Adrian Butler (Imperial College London)

"Engaging Geoscientists in Global Development – Interdisciplinary work across three continents" by Joel C. Gill (Geology for Global Development & British Geological Survey) & Nic Bilham (Geology for Global Development & Geological Society of London)

"Modelling groundwater flow and transport in strongly heterogeneous formations" by Dr. Sean McKenna (IBM Research Laboratory, Ireland)

"Engineering geology, some triumphs and disasters" by Professor David Norbury (2016 Glossop Lecturer)

"Britain’s Greatest Hits: In Search of Giant Meteorite Craters" by Dr Mike Simms (National Museum of Northern Ireland)

"Spirals on the shale: ammonoid biostratigraphy of the Shannon Basin, Western Ireland" by Dr Anthea Lacchia (iCRAG)

"Control the drainage: the gospel accorded to sinkholes" by Dr Tony Waltham, Engineering Geologist

"Energy Storage Obstacles & Opportunities, Planning and Geology"

"Earth's Rock and Roll: Rotational Motions in Seismology" by Prof. Heiner Igel (Ludwig-Maximilians University, München, Germany)

SEAI Energy Show 2017

"Closing the Iapetus Ocean: implications for VMS and orogenic gold mineralization in the north of Ireland" by Dr Steve Hollis (UCD/iCRAG)

"Ireland's Rockery: Beauty, Diversity and Controversy" by Dr Patrick Roycroft (former President of the Irish Geological Association)

"Radon and Geology" by George Reynolds (Metrics Consulting)

"Introducing iCRAG 2017, a research showcase of all current research projects, together with insights into future directions for Irish geoscience research".

"Developments in Irish Hydrogeology in a Changing Water Services and Planning Environment" - IAH Annual Conference

"Geological Heritage of County Roscommon" exhibition

"Exploration under deep cover" - IAEG Annual Conference

2 Day Course for Mining Industry Professionals