Bray Head Field Trip 2015
 Bray Head Field Trip
This field trip is a 2-hour coastal walk between the towns of Bray and Greystones along a scenic path, introducing the geological history of Bray Head beginning with the 500 million-year-old Cambrian marine sediments.
Meeting Place: Opposite Bray Head Hotel at 11am.
Trish Smullen and Koen Verbruggen.

The walk begins from opposite the Bray Head Hotel, at the southern end of the Promenade. Meet here at 11am.

First stop is the beach itself, to look at modern marine processes (the sea!) and try to put the marine environment that formed the Head into context.
Promenade Bray
Bray Promenade

Along the way we will also have some explanation of the activities of the Geological Survey of Ireland, including our seabed mapping programme INFOMAR. This has included mapping of seabed features and shipwrecks off Bray Head.

Bray Head Field Trip