Second Level - New teaching resource for second level schools

Schools book coverA new syllabus for the Geography Leaving Certificate, introduced in September 2004, gives greater emphasis to geology and the geological processes that have shaped the landscape. To support teachers in presenting the geological content to the classroom, GSI has produced a new 1:1,000,000 scale map of the bedrock geology of the island of Ireland and an accompanying book entitled "Understanding Earth processes, rocks, and the geological history of Ireland".

The book aims to explain rock and landscape forming processes. Study Boxes highlight key processes and modern analogues relevant to each phase of Ireland's history, so that the student can recognise geological processes in the rocks around them. It is written primarily as a resource for teachers, but will also be of interest to more enquiring students, or indeed members of the general public who would like to know more about rocks and the origins of the landscapes of Ireland.

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It is now also available free of charge in pdf format.Understanding Earth 

It is hoped that this map and book will give an increased awareness of the importance of geological processes, rocks and minerals, to everyday life. As such they relate to Core Unit 1 of the new syllabus 'Patterns and Processes in the Physical Environment'. They should also prove to be a useful resource in relation to students taking GCSE Geology at 'A/AS' levels in Northern Ireland.

Simplied geology map of IrelandThe map presents the bedrock of Ireland in about 20 units based on geological period and main rock types. The legend is in the form of a geological timescale, showing the time represented by each unit, the tectonic events responsible for the gaps, and noting the environments of deposition of the sedimentary units. Photographs around the margins give examples of Irish landscapes in which the rock type is a dominant feature.

Use of the Map for National School projects
If you require a very simplified geological map of Ireland to use in school projects and reports, the schools map has been simplified even further and designed to fit on one A4 page so that it can be downloaded for helping younger children with their first steps into the fascinating story of the rocks of Ireland. It is available as a pdf download here.

A more detailed Geology map was produced in 2014 and includes offshore geology. English version is available as a 9.5Mb pdf download here and Irish version here.

For more information on these teaching resources please contact Brian McConnell at 01 678 2850 or by e-mail.

Student Products - digital data and research materials available
A range of information that may be useful for all levels of student but particularly third level and research students is available at a discount or free of charge. For more information click here.

For Transition Year (TY) Students
This INFOMAR TY Students Education Outreach and Development Programme (EODP) initiative aims to provide an IT Platform allowing transition year students to collect marine and geoscientific data using their Mobile phones, thus raising the profile of INFOMAR data, making it more freely available to the general public and exposing students to GIS Technology and open data concepts. see here.
(Winner of IRLOGI Space & Place Awards 2014 - Best use of Location Based Application for Mobile or Tablet)

This project is part of the Geoscience initiaves funded by the Geological Survey of Ireland.  For further details please see the project website here or contact Dr.  Patrick Wyse jackson

The American Geosciences Institute has publishd the Critical Issues Program, where you can find help in teaching the geoscience behind critical Issues