Results 2012

Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo

Irish Category Winners


Jonathan Moran,
Marschacht, Germany

Downpatrick Head.
Limestone, Shale and Siltstone cliff face dropping into the Atlantic Ocean at Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo.

The Burren


Hugh Cotter,
Co. Clare

The Burren.
Taken at the edge of the Burren a couple of miles south of Fannore in Co. Clare.
Here you can see the grikes make a lovely pattern in the limestone and a clint left behind from the last glacial period.

Aran Limestone

Sean Tomkins,

On the Aran Islands. An extension of the limestone area of the Burren formed as sediments in a tropical sea approx 350 million years ago and contains fossil corals, crinoids, sea urchins and ammonites.
This area is in the shadow of the cliffs near Dun Aengus and under water at high tide.

Seven Coloured Earth
Foreign Category Winner

Stoycho Danev,

Seven Coloured Earth, Mauritius.
The natural phenomenon is due to decomposed basalt gullies. The hot and humid climate helps in the decomposition of the basalt into clay. The colours red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow never erode in spite of torrential downpours and adverse climatic conditions.

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