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 Cave Dale, Derbyshire, England  

Cave Dale, Derbyshire, England

A dry valley with exposures of the Bee Low Limestone.

Photo taken on 20/9/2015

Scott Engering, Yorkshire, England
 Hong Kong Global Geopark

The silica-riched, hexagonal volcanic rock columns in Hong Kong Global Geopark are felsic, which is extremely rare in the world. They were formed after violent volcanic eruptions 140 million years ago. Some hexagonal columns are deformed by the process of bending.
Taken in High Island Geo-Area of Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, on 18th July, 2015.

Lok Sze Cheung, Dublin 4.

 Monument Valley "Monument Valley"
Taken 10th June 2015 at Monument Valley, Utah. This stunning formation is located in a region of the Colorado Plateau. These impressive sandstone formations, geological monuments, are what gave Monument Valley its name. They were formed through centuries of erosion and uplift. Volcanic activity is also said to have contributed in some their formation. The Red Sandstone from which they are formed from dates back to the Permian period of around 160 million years ago. Today Monument Valley is more than just a major natural tourist attraction it is home to the Navajo People and is protected as a Navajo Tribal Park.

Maeve Murphy, Co Tipperary
 Algarve coast Eroding cliffs of Miocene limestones and sandy limestones of the Lagos-Portimão Formation. View of cliffs just west of Carvoeiro, on the Algarve coast, Portugal. 27/6/2014

Mick Mongey, Co. Dublin
 The Three Tiers, Dorset, England The Three Tiers, Golden Cap, Dorset, England – 6th April, 2015 These distinctive limestone bands mark the junction between the Lower and Middle Lias on the Jurassic Coast occurring at the base of the highest cliffs on England’s south coast, Golden Cap.

Richard Unitt, Dorset, England
 Burbage Rocks, Derbyshire, England Burbage Brook, Derbyshire, England.

The course of Burbage Brook, which cuts through a thick deposit of head consisting of large blocks of Chatsworth Grit and shale. Photo taken 6/9/2015.

Scott Engering, Yorkshire, England

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