Other Irish Entries 2014
 Ancient potholes

'Ancient Potholes' South coast of Inishmore, Co. Galway. July 14th 2009. This photo shows an ancient karst surface with the remains of an ancient soil layer tucked under the cliff. The general undulating, potholed surface of the platform seen in the photo was produced over 300 million years ago, under an ancient soil that developed on the newly formed limestone during a period of low sea level.

Holly Lennon - Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan 
 Aran edge clints  

The surface of the Aran Islands as in the Burren is composed of limestone pavements with criss cross cracks known as grikes separated by flat slabs known as clints, captured here at the cliff edge. Inishmore Aran Islands, September 2014.

Sean Tomkins - Galway

 Shallow caves

29/07/14 - Taken at Ballybunion, Co. Kerry. Shallow caves in the cliffs to the right of 'Ladies Beach'.

Tara Rogers - Hospital, Co. Limerick

 Summit of Carrantouhill

The summit of Carrantouhill, Kerry, showing the Devil's Ladder in the bottom left of photo. Photo taken: 06/07/2013

James Bannon - Donabate, Co. Dublin

 Cyclothem close-up

A close up of part of the cyclothem and is a contact between an older siltstone and younger top set sandstone. Most of the sandstones in this area are beige in colour but this is a red colour. it illustrates the changes in the deposition all environments from the lower energy silts ones to the higher energy sandstones and the pupils would compare and contrast this to a beach sandstone from Ballycastle beach. This photo was taken in October 2014.

Karen Parks - Belfast
 Poison Glen

About 400 million years ago a granite pluton, which would eventually form the Derryveagh Mountains, was emplaced deep within the Dalridian Metasediments of Donegal. Over countless millennia the overlying rock was removed by erosion eventually unroofing the granite. The hard granite of the Derryveaghs and quartzite of Errigal are relatively resistant to erosion and now form the high ground of this region.

Michael Cunningham - Dunkineely, Co. Donegal

Sea cave in Mayo

Sea cave at Rinroe Beach. This image shows a sea cave eroded into the cliff that rises from the beach and the rising Moon.
Location: North Coast of Co Mayo, Rinroe Beach near Carrowtighe. Date taken: 15/10/2013

Malcolm McPherson - Ballina, Co. Mayo

Summit View

Summit View - Oct 2013. The distinctive granite tors of Slieve Bearnagh in the Mourne Mountains at sunset.

Brian McCready - Co. Down

White Rock

The main feature of the beach is the White Rock from which the beach takes it names. Jutting out from the beach and cut off from the main strand at high tide, this distinct shaped rock has been shaped by man’s hand into a swimming platform complete with steps to the flat top.
It was here in the pre-dawn twilight that I set up for my first frames of the day. Taken 18/08/2013.

John Hurley - Glasnevin, Co. Dublin