Geology of Ireland
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The first geological map of Ireland was prepared for the Railways Commission in 1839 (work was somewhat in preparation for the previous 28 years). The Geological Survey of Ireland was founded in 1845. Ireland was the first country in the world to be mapped at a scale of 6 inches to the mile or 1:10,000. These original 6-inch sheets completed in 1895 are still consulted today. To learn more about the art of mapping in the 19th century please read this overview.

Simplified Geology Map of Ireland for National School projects:
If you require a very simplified geological map of Ireland to use in school projects and reports, the schools map has been simplified even further and designed to fit on one A4 page so that it can be downloaded for helping younger children with their first steps into the fascinating story of the rocks of Ireland.

Simplifed Geology of Ireland

Map available as a pdf document

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