A to Z of Geology
 A-Z of Geology cover GSI has cooperated with the Sherkin Island Marine Station on the production of an A-Z Guide to Geology. It is primarily aimed at children in the 11-14 age bracket. However, this simple, well-illustrated guide will also be of interest to primary school teachers, secondary school geography teachers and the wider general public. Indeed anybody who has ever wondered a little about Planet Earth and its resources should find this book interesting.

The book retails at €5.99 and is available now from the online GSI Shop.

 Age of the Earth

The book aims to illustrate in a simple way the importance of geology in our everyday lives. It takes just one geology topic for each letter of the alphabet and writes straightforward text that is illustrated by good quality photos, illustrations and cartoons. So, D is for Diamonds, G is for Gold, O is for Oil, J is for Jurassic (age of the dinosaurs), V is for Volcanoes and so on.  Lots of interesting topics are covered and many of them are things we might never associate with geology at all!

 Caves  Gold Ice Age