Geology for Everyone

Many people have a somewhat irrational fear of science. Geology, as a science, can sometimes be a turn-off for the general public. Largely this fear, where it exists, arises from a perceived lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject. In the Geological Survey of Ireland, we believe that geology can be both interesting and easy to understand. In this section we intend to keep geology simple thereby opening it up as an interesting topic to a far wider audience than currently exists.

We have designed a logo - "Landscapes from Stone" - to appear on GSI products whose content we consider to be understandable to the non-geologist.

Landscapes from Stone logo

Please excuse us if jargon does creep in here and there. Let us know if you find any text to be obscure and we will explain what's meant, and try to improve the content.

This section of the website intends to present the basics of geology as simply as possible, the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on geology. Click on the links below: GSI has also co-operated in the production of an A-Z of Geology publication aimed at children

What is geology?
What geologists do
Planet Earth
Life on Earth - The Beginning
Life on Earth - Fossils
Life on Earth - Dinosaurs
Age of the Earth
Plate tectonics
The Rock Cycle
Minerals and crystals
Water cycle
Ice Ages
Geology of Ireland


One of the ways we reach out to a wider public is through our Newsletter, Geology Matters, available at this link.