Cunningham College Prize 2015
The Cunningham College Prizes, established in memory of Dr Mark Cunningham, ex-Assistant Director of GSI, recognise the continuing importance of field mapping in developing observational and interpretative skills in geology. Two prizes of equal standing are awarded to the best field mapping projects examined in Irish 3rd level colleges that year.

The prize winners for 2015 are

Sarah Galloway, University College, Cork for her thesis on "The geology of the Glentrasna area, Connemara, Co. Galway"  and

Robert Emo, Trinity  College, Dublin for his thesis on "The geology of central Paros, Greece"

Sarah Galloway
Sarah Galloway - winner of the Cunningham College Prize for 2015

Robert Emo
Ann Emo accepts the Cunningham College Prize for 2015 on behalf of her son Robert

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