Cunningham College Prize 2011
The Cunningham College Prizes, established in memory of Dr Mark Cunningham, former Assistant Director of GSI, and funded by a bequest, recognises the continuing importance of field mapping in developing observational and interpretative skills in geology. Two prizes of equal standing are awarded each year to the best field mapping projects examined in Irish 3rd level colleges.

The prizes for 2011 were slightly unusual in that one of the prizes was awarded as a joint or ‘team’ prize to two students who worked together collaboratively and produced very similar high-quality results. The prize winners were:

Vincent Twomey, University College Cork, for his project "The geology of Arnaboll North, Sutherland, Northwest Scotland";

Anthea Lacchia and Gavin Kenny, Trinity College Dublin, for their project "The geology of Kerrera, Loch Linnhe, Scotland".

Vince’s mapping included the Moine thrust zone, an area of complex faulting that results in a confusing (to the unwary) repetition of stratigraphical units. His field sheets included a lot of observational detail, on both sides of the paper, with annotations and sketches in addition to the usual outcrop structural measurements. Anthea and Gavin mapped a small island off western Scotland that includes a diversity of geology from Dalradian schist, to Old Red Sandstone (with the exciting discovery of a fossil trackway), to columnar-jointed Devonian lavas. Their notebooks documented a clear scientific process of making observations, constructing interpretations and then testing them, to assemble the geological history of the island.

Anthea Lacchia - Cunningham Prize winner
Anthea Lacchia, Cunningham Award prize winner 2011