2012 Winners
The Cunningham College Prizes, established in memory of Dr Mark Cunningham, ex-Assistant Director of GSI, recognise the continuing importance of field mapping in developing observational and interpretative skills in geology. Two prizes of equal standing are awarded to the best field mapping projects examined in Irish 3rd level colleges that year.

Aoife Blowick and Myles Watson
Aoife Blowick and Myles Watson

The prize winners for 2012 are both from UCD:

Aoife Blowick, UCD, “The solid geology of the area north of Barrême, Haute-Provence, France”

Myles Watson, UCD,
“The solid geology of the Bès Valley, Alpes de Haute-Provence, SE France”

Both areas include Mesozoic – Cenozoic sedimentary sequences complicated by thrusting and folding of two phases of Alpine Orogeny. Sedimentation continued during deformation, so that basin shapes and sediment sources were continually changing, resulting in rapid lateral and vertical variations in deposits, but the careful mapping by the prize winners enabled them to sort it all out. Their notebooks record systematic observations and continued questioning of interpretations as new evidence was gathered and so are truly works of science.

Aoife continues her geology in UCD, doing Griffith-funded postgraduate research on sediment provenance in the Nile delta, while Myles has entered the hydrocarbon exploration industry with Providence Resources. GSI wishes them well in their geological careers.

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