2010 Du Noyer Results


 2010 Results

Winners of the Irish Category

1st - Patrick Swan, Co. Dublin
2nd - Jonathan Moran, Co. Galway
3rd - Donagh Keane, Co. Dublin

Winner of the Foreign Category

John McMahon, Dublin 6

 Doonbristy sea stack 1st
The photo depicts the enormous seastack “doonbristy” at Downpatrick Head, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo. Its striated limestone, shale and siltstones forming a slice through time.

Patrick Swan
 "Boireann" Hag's Head, The Burren, Co. Clare 2nd
Hag's Head, The Burren, Co. Clare
This is a shot of the stone pillar at Hag's Head.
"Boireann" is Irish for "Great Rock"!
If you have not been to visit this, please go and see it. It's breathtaking.

Jonathan Moran
 Devonian Sandstone at Dingle, Co. Kerry 3rd 
350 million-year-old Devonian Sandstone that runs right through the backbone of Kerry.

Donagh Keane

Great Aletsch Glacier

Foreign Category Winner

Great Aletsch Glacier
It is the largest glacier in the Alps. It has a length of about 23 km and covers more than 120 square kilometres (more than 45 square miles) in the eastern Bernese Alps in the Swiss canton of Valais. The Aletsch Glacier is composed by three smaller glaciers converging at Concordia, where its thickness is estimated to be near 1 km. It then continues towards the Rhone valley before giving birth to the Massa river.

John McMahon

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