2009 Du Noyer Results


Winners of the Irish Category

1st. - Mike Simms, Belfast
2nd. - Catherine Bushe, Dublin
3rd. - Sarah Gatley, GSI

Winner of the Foreign Category

Barbara Harsch, Brussels

Here below we reproduce the winning photos.


Mike Simms Entry: Winner Home Category -Karst runnels (rinnenkarren) on dipping Carboniferous limestone at Clooncoose, the Burren, Co. Clare

Catherine Bushe Entry: 2nd place Home Category - Basalt pavement, made of hexagonal columns, Giant's Causeway, Co. Antrim
  Sarah Gatley Entry: 3rd place Home Category - Young on Old (glacial leftovers on Dalradian bedrock - Ben Levy Grit formation schists and metavolcanics) with Benchoona, Garraun and some of the "Twelve Bens" in the distance.  Tully, Renvyle Peninsula, Connemara, Co. Galway

Barbara Harsch Entry: Winner Foreign Category - It looks like a crowd of naked people taking a sunbath. In reality it is but sandstone, sculptured by wind and sand. Libya.

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