Temporary Exposures


Temporary Exposures are cropping up all around the country, as new infrastructures (ring roads, bypasses, tunnels, etc.) and small or major building developments (housing estates, shopping precincts, etc.) are cut into Quaternary (soil, glacial) deposits and the bedrock.

It is important for us to know the type of rock newly exposed, as we can use this information to update our geological maps. In the past, without rock exposures or drillhole core, we could often only extrapolate (using ‘informed guesswork’) the position of bedrock units beneath the Quaternary cover that extends across much of the country.

Geological maps are very important tools for all kinds of professionals – academics, engineers, builders, miners, hydrologists, environmentalists and ultimately, the policy-makers.

Don’t worry if you cannot answer many/all of the questions – just a location and general description would be very helpful to us.
A digital photo will also provide invaluable information!
If you feel more confident of your geological knowledge, or have had geological training, please use the'Professional'  TE Record Sheet for your observations.

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