GSI 2005 Annual Report
Noel Dempsey TD

The Government places considerable importance on the development of the knowledge economy as part of its long-term enterprise strategy. The knowledge economy must be underpinned by research and development (R&D) in all areas of science and technology, including a number of sectors for which I have responsibility. I am aware that the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) is increasingly trying to position itself as a champion of R&D for the geoscience sector and I welcome this.
GSI, the national geological agency, provides services which support a range of important national objectives including environmental protection, natural resource management, development of offshore marine resources, sustainable energy supply and educational services. GSI undertakes these in collaboration with other national players and local authorities, as well as with the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, thus ensuring that cost-effective and relevant products result.

The Government recently approved a successor programme to the Irish National Seabed Survey (INSS) and this new programme, INFOMAR, will be jointly managed by GSI and the Marine Institute, reflecting their acknowledged success in managing this nationally important task. The emerging information is used by increasingly wider sections of the community for issues as diverse as energy resources, maritime safety and fisheries.

This report outlines the main achievements of GSI in the past year and illustrates their relevance to our daily lives. It results from the support of its stakeholders and customers, as well as the contribution of its staff, which I am pleased to acknowledge.

Noel Dempsey TD
Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources
February 2006

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