2007 Annual Report - Agency for Geoscience sector
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To serve a changing society by providing relevant geological information.

VISION: To add value to our customers and society by being responsive and efficient.


  • To provide easily accessible and accurate geological information.
  • To support sustainable development, environmental protection and national development plans.
  • To map Ireland's earth resources.
  • To promote public understanding of the role of GSI and geology in Irish society.
  • To provide a stimulating, motivating and rewarding work environment for GSI staff.


GSI undertakes its mission through the application of its core values:

Excellence This must underpin all our activities from vision to operating procedures and final products and services;

Accessibility Data are made available to all users in a timely manner and in user-friendly formats;

Responsiveness GSI strives to understand and anticipate the real needs of its customers and stakeholders, and to respond effectively to them;

Ethical awareness GSI displays integrity, equality and impartiality in its services and data;

Societal awareness GSI develops its programmes in response to society's needs;

Stimulation The prompting of research and innovation through use of our data to create added value for customers;

Cooperation The creation of maximum benefit for customers and stakeholders through cooperation at regional, national, North-South and international levels;

High Skill Levels It is through the constantly updated skills of our staff that we create value for customers and stakeholders.

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